Struggling with building high-performing teams?

Experiencing scaling issues and facing difficulties having many teams work together?

How do you do roadmapping in way that works and doesn't frustrate people?

How do you include discovery as part of your way of working?

I have faced all these issues at different start-ups and scale-ups. I can work with you in resolving these problems, and other challenges you may be facing.
I regularly speak at events and conferences all over the world on topics such as:

• Beating the Feature Factory
• Roadmapping
• Delivering more value with Sprint Goals
• Stakeholder Management
• Scaling Scrum / Agile

And much more related to Product Management, Agile and Scrum.
Looking for an in-company training to help your teams resolve the Product Management, Agile or Scrum challenges your team is currently facing?

I will work with you to facilitate a course that will make a difference and provides learnings that can be immediately applied to the job.

I design and facilitate trainings with collaborative approaches to harness the motivation and energy that's already present in a group.
Do you have an inexperienced Product Owner or Product Manager who's just learning the ropes and could use some guidance?

Do you have an experienced Head of Product who could use a partner to bounce off some ideas and different approaches to tough issues?

I can work with them to help overcome the obstacles currently in their way. All coaching programs contain a free introductory session.