Privacy Policy

I don't want to store any personal information, unless it is absolutely necessary to do my job.

That's why this website has no cookie notice, because I'm only using essential cookies that are required for Webflow to function.

There's nothing for you to turn on or off, as I'm not using any cookies to extract additional information about you. There are no cookies to accept or decline. All the cookies are necessary for the website to function and don't require your personal information to work.

I use Plausible for cookieless web analytics. Plausible does not use cookies and does not collect any personal data.

The only moment I collect personal information is when you decide to contact me through e-mail or the contact form on this website. If you don't do that, I'm not storing any personal information.

I will only store the personal information you decide to include on the form, or what you decide to e-mail to me.